The Short Version: Almost

The Long Version: Avoiding plastics completely is almost impossible when it comes to certain aspects of a business, however we are extremely conscious of everything that goes into our business, no matter how small.
We believe complete transparency is essential in building a trusted brand, as such we are open about the difficulties for modern businesses to remain 100% plastic free.
Regarding our products, you may notice our lids contain a very small amount of plastic in their lining, preventing the metal from coming into contact with the contents. This doesn’t prevent them from being recyclable, in fact, it is subsequently burnt off during recycling, due to the heat in the melting process. Finally our labels contain a laminate coating which protects them from falling apart in the rain or inside your fridge!
While these are of course minor things, and compared to Tetra Pak’s negligible, we are always trying to improve, getting as close to “true” zero waste as possible!