The Short Version: Because our plantmilks are fresh and organic. Our bottles returnable with minimal possible waste

The Long Version: There is a lot that goes into making our Plantmilks and keeping the business circular. What you are paying for when you choose ReRooted;

  • Compared with single use packaging, we take back empty bottles, wash them and refill them (person power, machinery, renewable energy)
  • 100% organic, ethical ingredients (even down to the staff clothing!)
  • The quantity of, for example, almonds or coconut in our Plantmilks is many times higher than other plant based milks – our Almond Plantmilk has 8x the almonds compared to one of the market leaders!
  • We pay our staff above UK living wage – we are passionate about business being fair and regenerative – this starts with the staff members being properly rewarded for their hard work