Ever wonder how we do what we do?

Our Process.

Think of our process not as a production line, but as a production loop. We are fully involved with every step from sourcing ingredients, making the product and collecting and refilling your bottles.

1. We Bulk Buy

We order in bulk from organic workers co-operatives, ensuring we get the best quality ingredients and are doing business with ethical suppliers.

2. We Roast

We order in bulk from organic workers co-operatives, ensuring we get the best quality ingredients and are doing business with ethical suppliers.

3. We Blend

We blend our ingredients, creating the perfectly combined product each time.

4. We Press

We press the mixture at about 60 degrees, releasing every bit of moisture and goodness that we possibly can, whilst ensuring the nutrients stay intact and not damaged by unnecessary heat.

5. We Bottle

We use glass bottles for all our drinks. For ecological and health reasons we believe using glass is far better than plastic options, or plastic hybrid cartons (*cough* “Tetra-pak”!).

6. We Gently Pasteurise

We gently pasteurise at 63.5°C. This is in sharp contrast to all commercial Plantmilks which are all processed with UHT (at 130°C) and rendered nutritionally useless in the process.

7. We Deliver

We deliver right to your door, just like in the old days! We even have electric vans, so we won’t be waking you up with a noisy engine when we deliver at 7am

8. We Pickup

We believe we can do far better than recycling – which is an energy-intensive process. So an important part of our business model is collecting your empties to be washed and used again.

9. We Wash & Repeat

Our industrial bottle washers treat each bottle to a (very) hot wash, then we’re sterilised and ready to go again! That’s our process in a nutshell.

Always organic

We don’t think organic is a new trend; it’s just how things were intended to be. We can guarantee that we will only ever use organic ingredients. It’s healthier for the planet and for us, making it a perfect ingredient every time!

Always dairy-free.

There’s plenty of information out there telling you the horrors of the dairy industry; whether that’s from an ethical, health or environmental point of view. We aren’t here to preach… just to make a promise that cows and ReRooted will never mix. It’s better for everyone, that way.

Our Promise.

Did you know that glass milk bottles first appeared on the scene at the end of the nineteenth century? They came about due to the need to show literal transparency of the product.

Well, we still carry the same desire to be transparent with our products and their ingredients. We will always be organic, dairy-free and use real ingredients found in your kitchen at home.

Real ingredients

Real, organic ingredients you can actually pronounce, like: triple filtered water, almonds, rice, hemp seeds, coconut, salt, dates… you get the idea.

What makes this so different from other plantmilks? We want to give you more than just flavoured water, which is why we use such a high percentage of the primary ingredient. For example, many almond plantmilks use 1% almonds (whereas we use 8%), coconut milk is often only 4% (whereas we use 20%) and many are mixed with rice to add more flavour and texture.

When you buy almond from ReRooted, almond is what you’re truly getting.

Just as supermarkets and their customers have started to accept and welcome wonky vegetables, we hope to introduce you all to plantmilks in their natural state. Unlike cows’ milk, with its unnaturally perfect white appearance, our drinks vary in shades and separation naturally occurs between the ingredients used.

Don’t be alarmed when you see this, a quick flick of the wrist and the ingredients will merge back together and it will look as great as it tastes.

No more hiding behind polluting packaging. Let’s keep it transparent. Let’s keep it real.


Did you know that calcium is a mineral and comes from the ground? We can obtain all the nutrients we need from our food. Oranges, almonds, broccoli, bread and even baked beans are all great sources of calcium!

This is why we don’t fortify our drinks with any synthetic vitamins or minerals. We simply drink our plantmilks for enjoyment and to replace what we have commonly come to know as staples in our diets such as cereals, smoothies and hot drinks.

Sunflower Lecithin

This is the one ingredient we use that raises the occasional eyebrow. And, yep, fair enough, it’s a little more processed than our other ingredients. Here’s why we use it…

It’s a natural emulsifier, which means it helps liquids and fats stay together when they’re combined. It stops your plantmilk separating and brings your bottle back to life when you do need to ‘shake to wake’! We sprinkle <1% into each batch, but what actually is it?

Sunflower lecithin is made by dehydrating a sunflower seed and separating it into three parts: oil, gum, and solids. Lecithin comes from the gum. It’s cold-pressed (similarly to how olive oil is made) and is actually available as a nutritional supplement.

Not so strange, after all!