It’s all grown organically from a simple idea: organic, dairy-free drinks shouldn’t mean more waste!

It’s all grown organically from a simple idea: organic, dairy-free drinks shouldn’t mean more waste!

Where it all started

We started off making plantmilks for Earth.Food.Love, our local zero waste shop.

But our small side project soon took on a life of its own, as hundreds of households, cafes, and shops were crying out for fresh plantmilk without the waste.

Now, three years later, we’re delivering across Devon, Bristol, Bath, and nationwide with a little help from Riverford Organic and Milk & More

We might be growing at an unprecedented rate, but our values and ethos are just as strong as when we first dreamt up the idea…

organic, dairy-free and regenerative

The brains and brawn behind the business

These handsome chaps aren’t just some good-looking loiterers wearing our merch, they’re the boys behind the bottles (along with an ever-growing team of amazing plantmilk makers!)

Rich opened the UK’s first zero-waste shop in 2017 and is passionate about creating a circular economy within the business sector.

Nick recognised the need to reimagine a better future for his children and all life on this planet. He left the dairy vet world, met ReRooted and the rest is joyous plant-based history.

Dan is a professionally trained chef and has a desire to work with the land, connecting to the ingredients he uses and the growers that supply them.

Together, their combined knowledge of nutrition, cooking, business and mindfulness have put ReRooted at the forefront of a new wave of businesses that do things better.

Why ReRooted?

The name ReRooted is multi-dimensional. It’s a strong reflection of who we are and what we are setting out to achieve.

We plan on re-routing how people shop for plantmilks; re-imagining a future that’s dairy-free and regenerative. We emphasise re-using over re-cycling, we make it easy for people to re-order and we are committed to re-washing and re-filling your bottles every time.

Roots are the life force that connects living things to the ground; to be rooted is to be connected. Our connection and commitment to this planet and its inhabitants are unquestionable. We stand firm in our beliefs and our mission. It’s why we’re proud to call ourselves ReRooted.

What we believe

There is no such thing as leaving no impact on this Earth, but you can make a promise to always give back. We try to do this in as many areas as possible:

  • Our doorstep deliveries are done with electric vehicles
  • We ardently support organic farmers and farming practices
  • Wherever possible, we source locally and always pay a fair price
  • We power our entire business – from bottle-washing to vans – with renewable energy

Together, these commitments make us feel a little better about running a business and using resources from the Earth.

Our Vision

Consumption doesn’t have to mean destruction and guilt. But, the thing is, you can’t make better choices if you don’t have a better option to turn to. Change has to start at the top.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to reduce their footprints and spend their money consciously and kindly.

We dream big, not just for ourselves but for all other businesses.
We hope to influence and educate as many companies as possible to work together and create a world in which business is done consciously. In which a healthy planet comes before a healthy profit.

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Rerooted are proud to be certified by the Organic Soil Association

Machines don’t run our company, people do, so we proudly pay a real living wage

We are proud to have received three great taste awards in 2022