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The lineup


The perfect all-rounder

1l £3.00
500ml £1.80

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Creamy, sweet, nutty

1l £3.50
500ml £2.10

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Refreshingly sweet

1l £3.05
500ml £1.85

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Our hot drink hero

1l £3.35
500ml £2.00

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The luxurious one

1l £3.50
500ml £2.10

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The silky smooth one

1l £3.35
500ml £2.00

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The modern milk crate

per bag

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Fresh. Organic.

And straight to
your doorstep

Zero waste commitment

Plastic-free promise, zero-waste commitment. Our drinks are delivered the old-fashioned way, in glass bottles. We choose to re-use rather than re-cycle.

Why we’re zero waste

Real ingredients

We use only real, fresh, pronounceable ingredients! How do we decide what to include? One easy test: would we pour it on our little ones’ breakfasts?

Learn about our process from kitchen to doorstep to bottle-washing and back again!

See our process

Zero-emission deliveries

Your deliveries are made using 100% electric vans – not being woken by a noisy engine is just another benefit of joining the ReRooted refillution!

Prioritising regeneration

The future is dairy-free – and delicious!

The Future Is Dairy Free

Rerooted are proud to be certified by the Organic Soil Association

Machines don’t run our company, people do, so we pay a real living wage

We are proud to have received three great taste awards in 2022