Organizations need to return to their core, to build something regenerative, innovative and resilient.

Organisations need to return to their core and build something regenerative, innovative and resilient.

Zero waste

Could zero waste be the buzzword of this year? It’s dominating the media and we’re glad to see it! It simply means moving away from a linear economy towards a circular economy (building things to last and be used time after time).

However, the future also needs regenerative businesses. Entrepreneurs of the future need to strip away all preconceptions about how to operate within the business world.

What are we doing about it?

We’ve ditched the packaging and gone back to good old glass bottles. All you have to do is return instead of recycle.
You just need to leave your glass bottles out for us to collect and we’ll take them away, sterilise, and refill each one. It’s a beautiful loop that, eventually, ends up with each bottle being recycled at the end of its life… and the beginning of its next!

Some packaging was inevitable – we needed to label our product with our branding, nutritional info, and best before dates. But we don’t use any glues, stickers, or funny sticky stuff – just simple cardboard collars that can be recycled or returned with the bottle.


We need to go beyond zero waste and towards a truly regenerative approach to products and services. We make mindful decisions and prioritise regeneration in every choice.

We know there is a need bigger than our own. We know that together, we can be stronger. So, we commit to continuously engage with our customers, our suppliers, and our community to bring regeneration into the picture however we can, whenever we can. This looks like:

  • Working directly with organic farmers to support healthy crop rotation and to support a future of permaculture.
  • Working with local charities to avoid food waste and to educate and inspire other local businesses to re-use over re-cycle.
  • Working with 1% For The Planet to support their many vital projects
  • Wanting to connect or collaborate with anyone who has suggestions on how we can expand our regenerative impact.

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Rerooted are proud to be certified by the Organic Soil Association

Machines don’t run our company, people do, so we pay a real living wage

We are proud to have received three great taste awards in 2022